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Thierry Mugler Alien Review

June 17, 2009

Alien, released in 2005, was Thierry Mugler’s first mainstream Feminine launch that wasn’t related to Angel. It is intended to smell familiar but strange and foreign hence, Alien. The first thing that captured me about it was the stunning purple bottle, the second thing was the scent itself.

alienAn almost harsh opening blasts out of the nozzle. Huge, bright and radiant – it is simultaneously dry and woodsy, dirty and animalic (from the Jasmine), and bright and luscious. It also smells somewhat hot and fluorescent.
After about a half hour on the skin, it transforms into a soft Jasmine petal, pretty, delicate, and surprising – especially when compared to the blatant harsh top notes.
It settles down to an Ambery warmth, retaining the soft “wood” note (which smells woody, but is quite clearly synthetic – this is Cashmeran, IFF’s woody, musky and spicy aromachemical), with a quitened Jasmine and slightly salty feeling musk. The topnotes can scare many away from Alien, but she’s so soft and warm once you get to know her that you can’t help but fall in love with her. It is so unlike anything I’ve ever smelled before and is most definitely a ‘future-scent’.

Top: Sambac Jasmine
Middle: Cashmeran, Solar Note
Base: White Amber


A*Men Pure Coffee Review

December 6, 2008

Angel is widely regarded as the first ‘gourmand’ (edible) fragrance, and extremely beautiful. Every time I smell Angel I am instantly reminded of a friend who has worn this fragrance for all the time I’ve known her, and it always brings a big smile to my face. Angel’s edible notes of Honey, Chocolate, Berries and Caramel are the stars of the fragrance, though a powerful Patchouli note is what makes it.

Over the years, Angel has been flanked by Innocent, which is essentially Angel eating a gigantic, juicy Grapefruit, and Eau de Star, which is Angel behind a veil of Watermelon and Peppermint. Both equally beautiful.

amensmallA*Men (or Angel Men) is the masculine Angel. A*Men takes the Patchouli, Chocolate and Caramel of Angel, and burns it in it’s pan, before serving it in a bowl made of just-off-the-tarmac Tyres, with a mug of thick, black Coffee.coffeesmall

A*Men Pure Coffee is the Coffee served with A*Men. It is also the first gourmand I’ve fallen in love with the first time I sprayed it. Launched as a limited edition earlier this year, I sincerely hope this is the beginning of a series of interpretations of the A*Men fragrance, much like the Garden of Stars was for Angel.

Pure Coffee opens with a very potent Arabica Coffee note, present for mere seconds. I’m pleased that it doesn’t last too long, because it’s not “blended” into the fragrance – simply sitting there seperate from the rest.

After the Coffee has passed by, a mouthwatering Dark Chocolate and Vanilla accord lingers and weaves in and out of perception for hours and whenever it comes back, it makes me want to take a bite out of something. Anything! A sweet Tar note also hangs about, but it’s nowhere near as pronounced as in the original A*Men.

The dry, but sweetened, Woody Patchouli drydown lasts for hours, with the Tar note enhancing the Musks in the base.

Gorgeous stuff.