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Men’s Summer Flankers Mini Reviews Part 1

April 10, 2009

This is the first batch of mini reviews for this years summer flankers. More to come!

vigssGivenchy Very Irresistible Summer Sorbet; Citrus, Patchouli, and Chocolate with a light Mint – like in the original Men’s fragrance. Also an odd blueberry note. And the “dirty feet” Vanilla from Gaultier2.

isseysIssey Miyake L’Eau d’Ete; Menthol with a very quiet, short lived Chocolatey note. Then to the sharp, fresh aromatic and light wood notes from L’Eau d’Issey. Worth wearing if you like the original but find it too much for summer.

cksummerCk Summer; This years stronger citrus version is Tangerine with sharp Grapefruit and a ton of Melon, then Vanilla with a citrus soapy Musk. Very bright. Very loud. Pleasant enough.

ckheatCk In2U Heat; Plastic Amber with Satsumas, to something that gives the sensation of smelling but actually doesn’t really smell at all. Bewildering. Then a light lemony accord lasts for a while before vanishing.

212iceCarolina Herrera 212 on Ice; Abrasive citrus and Citronella, the essential oil that is used as mosquito repellant. More lemon-y than the feminine on top of a thick Cedar note.


The Offenders of ’08 – Mini Reviews (Ladies)

January 8, 2009

Several feminines have been released this past year and only a few were sufficiently interesting to me. The flankers of flankers, the Poison Elixirs, are fantastic variations on the theme. The following (among many) I did not enjoy at all.

Marc Jacobs Daisy EdP – The original, EdT, annoyed me. I loved the cutesy lid, with it’s rubbery Daisies. I wanted to like the perfume. I wanted it to smell like Daisy perfumes we used to make as kids, mashing up the daisies in water with petals from other flowers (also known as ‘not terribly successful experiments’). Unfortunately, liking the packaging isn’t a good enough reason to like this generic fragrance. Could the EdP improve on the letdown that was the EdT? No. Banana Milkshake and the cheap soaps that were sold in the chemist by our house when we were kids. Should evoke good memories, but instead grates on me.

Diesel Fuel for Life Unlimited – Fruity Musk. Not as good or original as Fuel for Life.

Christina Aguilera Inspire – Perhaps it could do with some inspiration. A dull fruity floral for dull girls.

Kelly Brook Vivacious – Like opening a bag of Haribo starmix, there could be some promise here. Kelly said she wanted a glamorous and sophisticated perfume. That should make a change, I thought. Maybe this time there’ll be more than 3 “fried eggs” in the bag. But I always seem to feel let down by celebuscents. The fragrance smells so sweet and sickly that your teeth would probably rot if you wore it. And the starmix didn’t have any fried eggs for me.

Kate Moss Velvet Hour – Steals it’s marketing from Armani Code, and it’s name from L’Heure Bleue. Bland Floral Musk. It has no taste or much of an interesting smell.

Givenchy Ange ou Demon EdT – Powdery Cough syrup. At least the EdP has a slightly enjoyable bubblegum note.

The Offenders of ’08 – Mini Reviews (Mens)

January 8, 2009

I’ve listed and reviewed my favourite fragrances from 2008, and I realized that I don’t really pan anything at all. So here are the Male fragrances released this year that I didn’t like.

Calvin Klein Euphoria Intense – Supposedly has an Oud note, smells more like an aquatic mixed with “fruit salad” sweets.

Dolce & Gabanna The One for Men – Smells like a cheap drug store brand deodorant to me – I don’t find it interesting at all. The best part, the tobacco drydown, isn’t worth the wait to me.

Boss Pure – Oh joy, another “fresh” aquatic. Milky smelling in it’s topnotes, but isn’t particularly briny or salty, ideas that would hold my interest some more.

Emporio Armani Diamonds – Fizzy Cedar wood and Musk. I’m sorry, I just plain don’t like you.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million – Oranges coated in icing with a wimpy Suede note. Makes me wretch. Should be marketed to women. Cool bottle, though.

Givenchy Play – Synthetic feeling Citrus-Musk. And not synthetic in that cool Comme des Garcons “it does smell like a garage” way. The intense version is better – it has more Coffee Wood and Tonka. But saying that the intense is better is like saying a cold is better than the flu.