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dunhill Black review

December 5, 2008

dunhill’s newest offering, dunhill Black, is exclusive to Harrods until February ’09.dunhillblack

The bottle and the cap weigh about the same, and the juice is a blue-grey hue.

It opens with a very crisp “greenery” note, the ‘nettle’ appears just after spraying and lasts for a few seconds. Cedar is most definitely detectable straight away, a similar cedar seems to be popular among recent releases, such as Diamonds for Men, where the cedar is somehow fizzy.
Once the nettle gives way, there is a very convincing green tea note, with a gentle citrus in the background, all wrapped inside of a tart herbaceous-greenness.

After about 15 minutes, the green gives way to the Lavender note, which isn’t over the top as in Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Le Male, but instead quite subdued.  The lavender transforms into a gentle, slightly dirty, almost animalic Jasmine-leather.

Eventually, the Jasmine disappears and a very soft leather remains as a skin scent. Then, surprisingly, the lavender comes back into play with the leather.

It’s a great day-to-day scent, but the only thing ‘Black’ about this fragrance is the dirty Jasmine. And as it’s so transparent, it’s more grey than black.

Top: Green (nettle) Accord
Heart: Transparent Jasmine, Lavender
Base: Sensual Suede Accord