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Comme Des Garcons 2MAN Review

January 20, 2009

2Man is the most beautiful fragrance that I own. It doesn’t get me many compliments, but I wear it for it’s beauty. It’s likely that this is my Holy Grail, but I still want to keep searching and exploring. The tagline is “A worker, a man who loves his work”, I honestly can’t figure out what sort of worker this would suit. But I suppose that’s for me to ponder.

cdg2mThe opening is complex and interesting – warm and sweet, lightly spiced, earthy and woodsy with smoke. There’s a lot going on in the first few minutes, and it gives the impression of fragrant woods being burned in a fireplace.
The heart notes create a distinct image in my mind of a big aged wooden chest, that you open and get a strong ‘whiff’ from the wood. Inside the chest is where the owner keeps their Incense. This to me is the similarity that is often noted between Gucci pour Homme and CdG 2Man – except the wooden box in 2Man is made of Mahogany, rather than Cedar.
This is when the Incense is removed from the chest and is started burning. The earthy Vetiver note is still present, along with the sweet smoke. Eventually, the Vetiver disappears and the Incense extinguishes, leaving a lingering trail of the sweet incense already in the air, without the smoke now. This is the stage that I enjoy most. I’ve read many complaints about the longevity of the fragrance, but find that simply applying an extra spray to the same position increases it dramatically and I can usually still smell it at least 9 hours after applying.

Top: Cumin, Nutmeg, Kumquat, Fresh Crinkly Mint
Middle: Saffron Flowers, Vetiver Roots, Iris
Base: Mahogany, White Smoke, Incense, Leather


Comme Des Garcons 3 Review

January 19, 2009

Comme des Garcons 3 is, according to it’s advertising “an imaginary flower: the flower you want it to be, the flower in your dreams. A new rose, incandescent, electric, opalescent.” Sounds great right? I thought so too. It just surprises me that it’s not a normal floral bouquet fragrance, ala Paris.

cdg3What I smell on the opening is a strange, sweet sweaty note. The note I usually associate with sweat is Cumin, which isn’t present here according to the notes I’ve seen. It’s quite strange, but I’m pleased it doesn’t last too long. 3 smells as though it has been built on top of the spicy ‘CdG Parfum’, but with a loud enough sweet citric note that it almost blocks it out and makes it quite different.
The heart note is Cardamom with Pepper on top of a bright fuzzy Cedar and slightly balmy note. This is where the odd flower is living. It smells of flowers, but not of a particular flower. I’d like to see this imaginary flower, it seems psychedelic to me. Before it reaches the drydown, a distinctly ‘perfumey’ smell appears for a short while. It returns to the sweet flower smell, before turning into dried petals, with sweet rubber, on top of the Cedar and Gaiac.

Top: Mandarin, Magnolia Leaf, Basil, Gingko Leaf, Blackcurrant Leaf, Red Peppercorn
Middle: Angelica Root, Cardamom, Mace, Rose Oxide, Black Rose Leaf, Freesia Leaves, Jasmine Sambac, Immortelle, Grains of Paradise
Base: Cedar, Sandalwood, Gaiac, Vetiver, Patchouli, Birch Essence, Olibanum, Amber

cdghmAnother Comme des Garcons fragrance is evidently inspired by 3. The limited edition H&M which was released along with a clothing range. When first sprayed, H&M smells like “deep heat”, the stuff that you put on sports injuries, and is more tart and acidic citrus than 3, with a different rubber and gin note. The drydown is grey feeling Cedar with a tangy lemon citrus – it also brings to mind rubbery petals with pine wood. H&M is fun and if you can get a steal on it, go for it.

Top: Bergamot, Mandarin, Szwechan Pepper
Middle: Coriander, Frankincense, Juniper
Base: Cedar, Patchouli, Pine Essence, Labdanum

Comme Des Garcons 2 Review

January 17, 2009

Comme des Garcons 2 was the first fragrance I smelled that I thought was just a bit, well, odd. I bought it on the spot because I longed to understand it. As soon as I got home, and found Ink in the notes, the whole thing made sense.

cdg22 opens with a blast of nose tingling Aldehydes, not at all like the fatty aldehydes used in No5 or White Linen, with bright fruity notes. A slight sugar note lingers for a few seconds, then the smell is of a fruit cocktail – but not overly sweet like many fruity florals are. The Magnolia note is very prominent to me, too, and it smells almost feminine for a while.
The heart and base notes are basically Ink. 2 is meant to smell of ‘Sumi Ink’. If Sumi Ink smells like this, I’d like to be painted with it. But it’s definitely Inky. If you don’t think Ink has a smell, draw a big ball with a biro on some paper and sniff it. If you imagine that and add an almost Banana-y smell, you’ll have a good idea of the heart of 2.
It dries into a warm Amber, with a soft powdery quality, which is hidden behind the ink note.
Ink is probably the defining character of the fragrance. It’s all over it, as though a picture has been drawn or painted and then a bottle of ink has spilled all over the picture, wiped away, and left it’s hue all over the original picture.

Top: New Aldehydes, Mandarin, Angelica Root
Middle:  Cade, Maté Absolute, Cumin, Magnolia, Folia Absolute, Floral Notes
Base: Patchouli, Labdanum, Incense, Ink, Amber, Cedarwood, Vetiver

Comme Des Garcons Eau de Parfum Review

January 17, 2009
Eau de Parfum was the original Comme des Garcons fragrance, launched in 1994. The ad-line was “A perfume that works like a medicine and behaves like a drug.” I agree with the behaving like a drug part, I can’t stop sniffing the stuff whenever I wear it. What I love about the CdG fragrances is that they really create imagery when you smell them – many designer scents don’t, simply achieving ‘nice smells’.

cdgparfum1Eau de Parfum opens with a strong blast of sweet spices, it’s almost dry. There is also a note that smells “sticky” to me behind the spicy opening – lots of Nutmeg with Geranium, with the other spices as a background. What first struck me about the fragrance was the distinct feeling of calm it creates. It relaxes me. The image it evokes is an old Herbalist’s store, the medicines all smelling beautiful and a warm glow from the gas lamps. Imagine the smell of all the spicy things from a store like ‘Lush’, and I think you’d get an idea.
The heart of the fragrance is where the pronounced Pepper note appears – the Pepper performs for about 20 minutes, and then the scent subsides into a sweet spicy floral, reminding me of Opium (the feminine) and Obsession (the masculine). A powdery dry note is also around here.
The drydown maintains the image of spicy flowers, but here is where the Cinnamon note makes it’s presence known. It gets stronger the longer it remains on the skin. Behind the Cinnamon is honey, almost syrupy. The image that comes to mind is of an apple pie, but without the apples!
I think that there is something special about this fragrance. It really is out of the ordinary.

Top: Nutmeg, Clove, Cardamom, Cut Hay
Middle: Geranium, Cedar, Coriander, Rose, Black Pepper
Base: Labdanum, Amber, Honey, Styrax, Cinnamon Bark Oil, Sandalwood