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Armani Attitude Extreme Review

June 14, 2009

Armani’s newest release, Attitude Extreme is a flanker to 2007’s Attitude. Attitude is possibly Armani’s least successful mainstream launch.
Attitude is almost entirely Coffee and Patchouli. The Patchouli is very woody, but not particularly earthy. It smells very similar to Mugler’s Ice*Men, but even more potent and without the frothy icy quality.

Attitude ExtremeExtreme is instantly sweeter, almost chocolatey, the Coffee note is not as potent as the original. The Patchouli note is also softer than in the original. There is also a somewhat smoky note up top, possibly a suggestion of the Benzoin, but it never comes to anything before the smokiness disappears.
The heart and drydown is almost entirely the Amber note, the same icing-sugar Amber that has featured recently in Only the Brave and Ultrared. It is powdery and soft. While the Amber note is prominent up close, Extreme doesn’t project very well. The Amber is backed up by a quiet Coffee/wood accord, which is much more noticeable on card than it is on skin. It is much closer to Armani Code than it is Attitude.

Top: Lemon, Anise, Cardamom
Middle: Cedar, Coffee, Benzoin
Base: Amber, Patchouli


The Offenders of ’08 – Mini Reviews (Mens)

January 8, 2009

I’ve listed and reviewed my favourite fragrances from 2008, and I realized that I don’t really pan anything at all. So here are the Male fragrances released this year that I didn’t like.

Calvin Klein Euphoria Intense – Supposedly has an Oud note, smells more like an aquatic mixed with “fruit salad” sweets.

Dolce & Gabanna The One for Men – Smells like a cheap drug store brand deodorant to me – I don’t find it interesting at all. The best part, the tobacco drydown, isn’t worth the wait to me.

Boss Pure – Oh joy, another “fresh” aquatic. Milky smelling in it’s topnotes, but isn’t particularly briny or salty, ideas that would hold my interest some more.

Emporio Armani Diamonds – Fizzy Cedar wood and Musk. I’m sorry, I just plain don’t like you.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million – Oranges coated in icing with a wimpy Suede note. Makes me wretch. Should be marketed to women. Cool bottle, though.

Givenchy Play – Synthetic feeling Citrus-Musk. And not synthetic in that cool Comme des Garcons “it does smell like a garage” way. The intense version is better – it has more Coffee Wood and Tonka. But saying that the intense is better is like saying a cold is better than the flu.