My name is Nick.
I love fragrance. I have sold fragrance for 8 years for a large British chemist chain, and if anything, it’s made me love fragrance more. It’s also made me judge fragrances quite quickly. I notice similarities to other fragrances, then need to find the reason for that similarity. It’s just one of my quirks. I like finding notes and effects that are “different”.
As well as selling and being generally obsessed with fragrance, I study Japanese language.

I feel that I need to explore whatever fragrances are out there. There isn’t really a reason. And as new fragrances are constantly launched, it is important to decide what is and isn’t worthy of joining my ever-increasing collection.


I review mainly Designer and High Street fragrance releases. This is what is available to me in my store, as part of my collection, and locally. Also, there will be the occasional post about what it’s like to be a fragrance SA and parts of my job.


My reviews are based on my personal observations of a fragrance.
My method is to apply to the back of my hand, and to a card blotter. I then write (mostly illegible) notes at length about what I can smell, what it makes me think of, and try and convert that into something that makes sense and describes the fragrance adequately.

Nioi (匂い) comes from the Japanese for ‘smell’. Perfume is Kousui (香水) – literally “incensed water”. Fragrance/ incense is Kaori/Kou (香).

Hopefully before anyone else. Not always the case, though.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Fernando Says:

    nice reviews
    (from basenotes)

  2. Gary Says:

    Stumbled on this blog after lazily searching fragrance reviews ( yup, big fan of Basenotes! ) Must say, I have really enjoyed reading your reviews, and have bookemarked the site. Well done Nick, and hope you keep up the good work!

  3. Gary Says:

    Oops… Just read that you are no longer updating the blog…. what a shame! Oh well.

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