Harajuku headache.

The tester bottles of Harajuku Lovers are confusing for people that just don’t read sizes. They are sold as 10ml and 30ml bottles of the fragrance (so you can get the slightly scary doll), but the testers are 100ml bottles, and not one person that buys the HL fragrances can understand that the 30ml isn’t the 100ml because of the size of the box. And very often, you do feel as though you are banging your head on a brick wall.

Testers are quite often a different size to what we have on sale. It is obviously cheaper for everyone involved if they send out 100ml bottles of the fragrance as a tester, than to send out 4 lots of 30mls which will be sprayed through quickly. Or in the case of Harajuku lovers, 10 x 10ml bottles.


One Response to “Harajuku headache.”

  1. Kayla Says:

    Jeez, this has happened to me. I find it very inconvenient.
    And also, I hate the dolls on the top and were prefer them not being there, I only like the smell. Hahaha

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