When is 30ml not 30ml?

The answer to that question lies with customers that comes in to buy whatever is on offer. As a rule, it’s the 30ml or 100ml size that goes onto a price promo. People would like to know what they are getting for their money – I can understand that. Yet, this is how the conversation inevitably proceeds…

C: “How much is that one?”
M: “£9.99”
C: “How big is the bottle?”
M: “That one is a 30ml bottle”
C: “No. How BIG is the bottle?”
M: “Oh, sorry madam.” *makes a gesture on the box to demonstrate how large the bottle is inside – it’s shrink wrapped, after all!* “about this big”
C: “Well, that’s small. What else have you got?”
M: “The 30ml in Paris is on offer at the moment. It’s £19.54 (or so, I don’t actually know how much offhand!)”
C: “How big is that bottle?”
M: “30ml *makes gesture again* about so tall.”
C: “Oh, that’s better. I’ll take one of those.”

It’s the same size. Different shape. And still it apparently makes a difference.


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