Guerlain My Insolence Review

My Insolence is the first flanker of Guerlain’s newest female “star” fragrance, Insolence. It was released in 2007. I wore it for Sniff n Speak day “Fruity” over at Basenotes.

myinsolenceMy Insolence begins with a mixture I wouldn’t put together: Fig, Raspberries, Iris and the off-key Hairspray note famous in the original Insolence. It works incredibly well.
The fruit note is the star of the whole fragrance, and the heart surrounds it with Vanilla and Almond notes – which together remind me of a blossom that grows on the trees near my grandparents home every spring. It creates the illusion of a Raspberry Tart dessert. It is joined by a marshmallow like sweetness, with powdery floral notes, similar to Ghost Sweetheart (Iris, Heliotrope).
The drydown is still sweet and fruity, with hints of the Guerlainade- dusty soft Vanilla!
The whole effect is fun, girly and innocent, and entirely captivating. Even though it’s somewhat girly, it’s still perfectly wearable by a man.

Top: Raspberry, Citrusy Note
Middle: Jasmine, Almond Blossom
Base: Patchouli, Vanilla, Tonka Bean


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