Ma Dame and Ma Dame Eau Fraiche Reviews

Jean-Paul Gaultier’s scents are incredibly popular. Le Male and Classique have been in top 10 sellers for as long as I remember, and I’ve never liked either of them. Fragile used to make me smile, after a long time of getting used to it. Fleur du Male was far too potent for me. Ma Dame, however, is completely different from the others. I liked it instantly. It’s cheer-up-juice. I got 2 days of it rammed into my nose at my pre-christmas training, and could probably identify it anywhere in a 1 mile radius.

madameMa Dame begins with Orange and Pomegranate. It’s fizzy for a few seconds, and then a Bubblegum (which smells like the 2p Anglo Bubbly bubblegum I used to buy as a kid from the newsagent) and Aniseed Ball note, with a plastic and neon-bright feeling. There is a powdery note, not Iris, but maybe like Heliotrope, with a bitter sweet Raspberry, which is similar to the raspberry note in Diesel Fuel for Life Men, and Rosewater.
A Cedar note in the heart is thick smelling with the Grenadine so there is still some sweetness. It smells like Grenadine syrup on it’s own, without being diluted with lemonade or water. Also, a dusty vanilla note adds more sweetness, and is reminiscent of Hypnotic Poison, but fruitier.
The drydown is a soft musk note, not in any way sharp or grating like I find many musks, with much of the citrus sweetness still going on. There is no reason a man couldn’t wear this.

Top: Orange Zest, Grenadine
Middle: Fresh Rose, Floral Notes
Base: Musk, Cedar

madameefMa Dame’s summer flanker, Eau Fraiche, is a stripped down version of the original. It’s a lighter concentration.
Fizzes straight out of the bottle like Orangeade, the citrus note is impressive and very well done. Instead of ice cubes in this drink, we have Rose petals, shimmering with Grapefruit juice. The fizz subsides after a few minutes. It quickly turns to roses with a splash of syrupy pomegranate and a hint of musk.
It’s a summer cocktail drink, without any alcohol, and much softer than many summer editions – the newest Escada edition terrifies your nose into submission with the smell of a hundred bottles of children’s sugary strawberry paracetamol.
The drydown is a fizzy Cedar, very similar to Armani Diamonds for Men, alongside the sweet Grenadine. It also brings to mind Versace Men Eau Fraiche. The only fault is that the lower concentration results in poor longevity – so spray it on clothing.

Top: Orange Zest, Pink Grapefruit, Raspberry
Middle: Ultra Fresh Rose, Grenadine
Base: Cedar, Musk


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