Guerlain Homme Review

Guerlain Homme has gotten a lot of stick from the Perfumista community. It’s not “Guerlain” enough for them. For the mainstream consumer, it’s too different. So who exactly is it aimed at? I guess, since it became one of my favourites from the first sniff at the pre-release training for it last year, it’s aimed at me. Instead of being based on a normal ‘top-to-bottom’ development, it’s a trio of accords, Mojito, Fresh Floral and Green Woody, that interact and come in and out of play. All of which I was lucky enough to smell separately – I can’t describe the beauty of the Fresh Floral accord, but I would wear that alone.

guerlainhommeThe atomizer lets out a shiny, bright Mojito. Sugar and Lime with Mint and Rum. This is very realisitc, quite sweet, and not at all like toothpaste or alcohol like you might expect.
A light herbal floral accord is underneath the Mojito. Citrus shines through, the mixture of Bergamot and Lime, with a light tea note and Mint and Geranium creating a strange olfactory effect.
The soft woods in the drydown are given a tart edge from the Rhubarb. The Mint returns with the green floral heart in on and off puffs, like a plug in room deodoriser, and the Lime persists all the way to the drydown.

Top: Bergamot, Lime, Key Lime, Pelargonium
Middle: Green Tea, Mint Leaves, Geranium, Rhubarb
Base: Cedar, Vetiver, Rum, Sugar Cane


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