DKNY Men Review

DKNY Men is the latest release from DKNY. It isn’t a relaunch of the previous scent, in a tall blue skyscraper bottle. The new bottle is shaped like the Flatiron Building in Manhattan. As soon as I read the notes, I had high hopes for the fragrance.

dknymenThe opening is familiar, with a large dose of the cucumber-like aromachemical, Calone, and what feels slightly citrus. Like when you get a waxed Lemon at the supermarket. But there are powdery Iris undertones, which makes the aquatic note smell really weird. Is this Infusion d’Homme sport?
The heart reminds me of several fragrances. It’s plasticky, but not as much as Bvlgari pour Homme Soir. Not as aquatic or citrus as Acqua di Gio, nor as dry or powdery as Infusion d’Homme. And it’s aromatic, but not as much as L’eau Bleue d’Issey pour Homme, with it’s potent herbs of Provence note. It also reminds me of Ted Baker M, a review of which will be appearing on the blog later this month. It reminds me of so many things, it’s as though many good ideas that work in different fragrances have been thrown together in one bottle, and put directly onto the shelves without checking that all the ideas work together.
The drydown is powdery, musky Cedar, before it finally turns into an indistinguishable sour, off pitch note that eventually fizzles out and leaves me completely underwhelmed.

Top: Bergamot, Mandarin, Juniper, Sage
Middle: White Pepper, Cardamom, Lavender, Violet, Jasmine
Base: Cedarwood, Patchouli, Orris, Vetiver


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