Hugo Element Review

Hugo Boss’s newest offering, Element, allegedly has ingredients that evoke the four elements. And is for an urban man that is in his element in the city. And has ripped it’s name from two old Boss fragrances, Elements and Elements Aqua. And explicitly names Calone as one of the notes, which is certainly interesting from a marketing point of view.

elementIt opens with that oh-so-familiar aquatic citrus accord that you find in many designer scents. Melony or cucumbery, with a hint of bitter Orange in the background. It smells clear, and is similar to the previous release, Boss Pure, except without the sour milky musk note. Also obviously related to Hugo XY, except not as ‘icy’ or cold, Energise, with it’s spicier warmth, and the original Hugo, as they are both ‘fresh’ with aromatic components in the background. This is probably so it’s familiar to the mainstream consumer.
Element moves quickly into the heart, which is a quiet spicy woodsy creature, Ginger creates warmth, while the Coriander brings a hint of sweetness. With the wood note supporting it, it’s very similar to YSL’s L’homme.
The drydown is a powdery Vetiver and Cedar skinscent that doesn’t project much. It’s incredibly faint and inoffensive, but it seems to last for an age, even if it doesn’t create much sillage.

Top: Calone, Citrus
Middle: Ginger, Coriander
Base: Vetiver, Cedar, Musk


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