Zara Vetiver Review

Zara is the Spanish equivalent of H&M or Topshop. Except their clothes are better quality than the Arcadia groups. So colour me less than surprised that their scents were of a good quality too. For men, Zara have 3 perfumed waters, in huge bottles like the Marc Jacobs “Splash” line, Ambar, Sandalo, and Vetiver. Of the 3, my favourite is Vetiver. Ambar had a sugary amber note that I didn’t particularly like, and Sandalo didn’t make much of an impression on me.

vet1Vetiver opens with a sharp green and soft floral note all at once. The floral note blooms off the skin, is slightly dirty, and reminiscent of the female Armani Code.
The Vetiver here is given an earthy, rooty treatment – as though freshly pulled out of the ground.
I find that the Neroli overlasts the earthy smell, leaving a salty green floral accord. The contrast is very pleasant.
I think Vetiver is perfect for anyone that wants a classic, clean, ‘fresh’ fragrance. The downfall is the longevity, it’s labelled as an Eau de Toilette, however it’s much more like an Eau de Cologne. This is fine though, because a few repeated sprays to the chest can last several hours, and you can re-apply without worrying about wasting money – 200ml bottles retailed at £20 (when I bought mine).

Top: Grapefruit
Middle: Neroli
Base: Vetiver


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