Allure Homme Sport and Cologne Sport Reviews

Allure Homme Sport, released in 2004, was the first flanker to Allure Homme. Chanel must have felt the need to have a fresh aquatic like every other masculine house, I suppose they want cash too!

alllurehommesportA citric (read acidic smelling citrus) blast erupts from the bottle and smells like a mix of everything citrus scented on the planet at once. Like every single citrus oil has been used. It really feels tingly. Still, it smells better than any of the Boss fragrances to me. AHS is also metallic and musky at the beginning.
I’ll be honest and say I never wanted to put it on my skin, I’ve been put off by it on a card too many times. But when I did, I was pleasantly surprised, the softly peppered and earthy Vetiver and Neroli is quite pleasant. There is plenty of Mandarin, too.
The base is a warm Tonka contrasted by a sharp Musk. A similar musk note is used in hundreds of masculine fragrances, it smells acidic, bitter and sour, and the earthy smell from the heart makes way for the Vetiver to turn salty and give a real aquatic feel.

Top: Aldehydes, Mandarin, Orange
Middle: Neroli, Black Pepper, Cedar
Base: Vetiver, Tonka, White Musks, Amber

Allure Homme Sport Cologne Sport is a flanker to the flanker, released in 2007. I find it funny when there are flankers of flankers and fragrances become less related to the original and more directed at the lowest common denominator.

alllurehommesportcAs an Eau de Cologne, you don’t expect much strength or tenacity. A soft citrus is about it. With Cologne Sport you get buckets and buckets of sharp Lemons. Like some strange kind of lemon made of plastic, that still smells of lemon. And any lemon scented bathroom cleaner. It doesn’t go anywhere or do anything apart from lemons. Surprisingly long lasting for an EdC – if you want to smell of lemons, buy this. “Awakens and invigorates” says Chanel. “BANG and the dirt is gone!” says Barry Scott of Cillit Bang.

Top: Mandarin, Lemon, Grapefruit, Bergamot
Middle: Elemi, Spicy Note
Base: Cedar, White Musks


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