Pour Monsieur Review

Pour Monsieur was Chanel’s first Masculine fragrance, launched in 1955. Although strictly speaking, Antaeus was released in 1981 before this was re-released (and reformulated by Jacques Polge) in 1988, Chanel say the fragrance is unchanged. According to Chanel, this is “The fragrance of the (almost) ideal man”. I’m tempted to agree.

pourmonsieurPour Monsieur has a bright citrus opening, like any classic chypre, following the structure Bergamot – Labdanum – Oakmoss. Clean, bright and cheery – just like Eau Sauvage in character. To me, Chanel took the structure of Pour Monsieur, took away the citrus, added Iris and Leather, and got No 19.
There is warmth in the heart, an ambery Oakmoss that is lightly spiced. This is certainly a fragrance for a gentleman. Classy, refined. Oakmoss, for some reason, is associated with “old people” by young consumers. I hope that when they get older, they feel that they can wear a fragrance like this, because it’s really timeless.
The Oakmoss drydown is smoky, dry and captivating. It’s incredibly pretty, but barely lasts. The poor longevity is the one bugbear I have with this fragrance, and the reason I agree with the Chanel’s statement.

Top: Verbana, Orange, Lemon, Neroili, Petitgrain
Middle: Ginger, Coriander, Basil, Cardamom, White Pepper
Base: Oakmoss, Cedar, Vetiver


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2 Responses to “Pour Monsieur Review”

  1. Katie Puckrik Says:

    I fell in love with Pour Monsieur when I smelled in duty free at Heathrow. Am annoyed that I didn’t buy it there, because I didn’t know it wasn’t available in the US. But…that’s what Internet shopping is for, I s’pose!

  2. Nick Says:

    BUY IT!! (Not that you need an enabler, I’m sure.)

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