Comme Des Garcons 2MAN Review

2Man is the most beautiful fragrance that I own. It doesn’t get me many compliments, but I wear it for it’s beauty. It’s likely that this is my Holy Grail, but I still want to keep searching and exploring. The tagline is “A worker, a man who loves his work”, I honestly can’t figure out what sort of worker this would suit. But I suppose that’s for me to ponder.

cdg2mThe opening is complex and interesting – warm and sweet, lightly spiced, earthy and woodsy with smoke. There’s a lot going on in the first few minutes, and it gives the impression of fragrant woods being burned in a fireplace.
The heart notes create a distinct image in my mind of a big aged wooden chest, that you open and get a strong ‘whiff’ from the wood. Inside the chest is where the owner keeps their Incense. This to me is the similarity that is often noted between Gucci pour Homme and CdG 2Man – except the wooden box in 2Man is made of Mahogany, rather than Cedar.
This is when the Incense is removed from the chest and is started burning. The earthy Vetiver note is still present, along with the sweet smoke. Eventually, the Vetiver disappears and the Incense extinguishes, leaving a lingering trail of the sweet incense already in the air, without the smoke now. This is the stage that I enjoy most. I’ve read many complaints about the longevity of the fragrance, but find that simply applying an extra spray to the same position increases it dramatically and I can usually still smell it at least 9 hours after applying.

Top: Cumin, Nutmeg, Kumquat, Fresh Crinkly Mint
Middle: Saffron Flowers, Vetiver Roots, Iris
Base: Mahogany, White Smoke, Incense, Leather


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