Comme Des Garcons 2 Review

Comme des Garcons 2 was the first fragrance I smelled that I thought was just a bit, well, odd. I bought it on the spot because I longed to understand it. As soon as I got home, and found Ink in the notes, the whole thing made sense.

cdg22 opens with a blast of nose tingling Aldehydes, not at all like the fatty aldehydes used in No5 or White Linen, with bright fruity notes. A slight sugar note lingers for a few seconds, then the smell is of a fruit cocktail – but not overly sweet like many fruity florals are. The Magnolia note is very prominent to me, too, and it smells almost feminine for a while.
The heart and base notes are basically Ink. 2 is meant to smell of ‘Sumi Ink’. If Sumi Ink smells like this, I’d like to be painted with it. But it’s definitely Inky. If you don’t think Ink has a smell, draw a big ball with a biro on some paper and sniff it. If you imagine that and add an almost Banana-y smell, you’ll have a good idea of the heart of 2.
It dries into a warm Amber, with a soft powdery quality, which is hidden behind the ink note.
Ink is probably the defining character of the fragrance. It’s all over it, as though a picture has been drawn or painted and then a bottle of ink has spilled all over the picture, wiped away, and left it’s hue all over the original picture.

Top: New Aldehydes, Mandarin, Angelica Root
Middle:  Cade, Maté Absolute, Cumin, Magnolia, Folia Absolute, Floral Notes
Base: Patchouli, Labdanum, Incense, Ink, Amber, Cedarwood, Vetiver


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