“Best of ’08” Infusion d’Homme Review

I think Prada’s newest offerings are both wonderful scents. I fell in love with Infusion d’Iris at first sniff. A sweet, soft, green floral scent. It makes me think of pressed Orange Flowers. I don’t feel that the feminine is particularly girly, and I wore it, most men probably could. As soon as I heard there was going to be a masculine, I was intrigued. I first smelled Infusion d’Homme in a duty free store at Heathrow and was annoyed with myself all the way to Hong Kong for not buying a bottle. I was fascinated by the sensation I got when I smelled it. I tried it again in Hong Kong, and was convinced I’d be buying a bottle, but instead I went to eat some noodles and continued my journey to Australia. I eventually bought a bottle when I got back home to England a few weeks later, along with the shower gel.

dhommeThe opening is Aldehydic, slightly sparkling and similar to Chanel No5, but also dry. And not just dry in the crisp sense. Dry in the sense that it induces dryness at the back of the throat, parching and arid. I’d never experienced this from a fragrance before d’Homme.  The Neroli is the main player in the top notes, and the Iris isn’t really the main feature. After about 20 minutes, the sweet citric Mandarin note appears. I find this unusual in that citrus notes are usually there right away in the first spray and then disappear.
This turns into soap. Old fashioned soap, like my Nan used to keep in her bathroom. This is incredibly comforting, and I guess because of the memories of my grandparents. It also reminds me of Estee Lauder’s White Linen, crisp and like fresh laundry. Floral notes intermingle in the background, especially the Iris, which gives a light powdery quality to the heart. It feels very elegant to wear.
I would call the drydown of this fragrance a light Vetiver. Similar to Guerlain’s classic, but cleaner. The Guerlain is earthy and d’Homme is not. It doesn’t always appear to be around, but it drifts in and out of perception all day if using the bath products as well. If not, it doesn’t last particularly well.

Infusion d’Homme is a clean woody floral scent of beauty. I can see this becoming a classic fragrance over the next few years, I can see myself getting lynched for this, but to me it’s a modern Eau Sauvage.
Top: Mandarin Orange, Neroli, Aldehydes
Middle: Iris, Galbanum, Cedar, Vetiver
Base: Benzoin, Frankincense

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