Dior Homme Review

The final part of my Dior Homme series is the review of the original Dior Homme. Launched in 2005, and designed by Olivier Polge, Dior Homme is my favourite male fragrance. I think it to be very refined, and hope it remains on the shelves for the next 30 (at least) years, much like the other Dior classics, Eau Sauvage, Miss Dior and co, have remained on the shelves. The prominent use of Iris seperated it from many male fragrances, especially when most other releases were (and still seem to be) aquatics.

I must be honest and say that the first time that I smelled Dior Homme, I didn’t like it. I’d sprayed it on a tester card, diorhomme1and thought it smelled of nothing but wet card and talcum powder. I discarded the card and didn’t bother looking at it again. I’m so pleased that I went about sampling other fragrances, especially those that contain Iris, because once I returned to Dior Homme 2 years later, I fell head over heels in love with it. So to anyone sampling fragrance, I want to tell you this: tester cards tell lies about fragrances. Dior Homme needs to be tried on the skin. Also, I don’t understand where the association with lipstick or makeup bags came from. It doesn’t smell remotely makeup bag-like. Dior Homme is a compliment monster.

I sprayed Dior Homme on this morning and am immediately reminded of why I love it: today, a very cold and crisp Winter day, it smells lightly Citrus and Chocolatey (Bergamot and Cocoa). When I spray it on in the middle of summer, it smells more Aromatic, (this must be the Sage and Lavender) and slightly powdered and dry (Iris). What happens quite quickly is that Iris heads centre stage and coats everything with it’s dry, talcum powdery scent, and the top notes take a backseat while this happens – they are still there, but just watching before they head on home. Amber usually makes fragrances warmer, but I think Dior Homme remains suitably cool when Amber should be making it’s presence known.

As the fragrance hits it’s drydown, it turns from powdery Iris to a soft Leather jacket, followed by a sweet musky Patchouli and slightly smoky Tobacco. Don’t be concerned – this Patchouli is not in drag like Midnight Poison – it’s very soft and pleasant. Dior Homme is a true gentleman in all his guises.

Top: Sage, Lavender, Bergamot
Middle: Iris Concrete, Cocoa, Amber
Base: Vetiver, Patchouli, Leather


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