Dior Homme Intense Review

Dior Homme Intense was the second flanker to Dior Homme, and is the second in my Dior Homme Series of reviews. It was a limited edition, but has recently been reissued, which is very good news. The darker bottle and packaging of Intense gives a clue of what the fragrance smells of, which makes a change – usually things are called Black (ie; Dunhill Black, which smells Grey, not Black), Extreme (Paul Smith Extreme is a completely different fragrance to Paul Smith Man), or Intense, and smell either nothing like the original or the name is not an accurate description of the fragrance.

Dior Homme Intense is the Gourmand of the series, immediately sweeter than the original Dior Homme. It most certainly gives the most impressive sillage and longevity, and catches more attention than the other Dior Homme fragrances, so is probably best suited for a clubbing fragrance.

When I first spray Intense, I smell warm, almost molten Chocolate.  Iris (the soft, powdery floral note that caused so much stir when the original Dior Homme was launched) appears after the initial blast wears away, and transforms the fragrance into a powdered Chocolate scent.diorhommeintense

As the fragrance progresses, I catch a very strong sweet note appearing. This is reminiscent of M7, but it is certainly not Oud. After a little digging around the internet for the notes, I found out that this is caused by Ambrette (also known as Hibiscus seed). Ambrette seeds, if you’ve never smelled them, are used in the place of ingredients like Civet (a secretion from a cats glands), and are slightly musky and animal smelling, but also lightly fruity and sweet.

There is something Leathery and a Smoky Tobacco note in Intense, but it is hidden by much of the sweetness.

Top: Lavender
Middle: Iris, Hibiscus Seed
Base: Cedar, Vetiver


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