Dior Homme Cologne Review

Dior Homme Cologne was the first flanker to Dior Homme, and was launched in 2007. Cologne is probably the consumer friendliest of the original Dior Homme fragrances, but also possibly the most feminine of the bunch. Though the larger flacon does look more imposing amongst my fragrances.

diorhommecologneThe first impression of Dior Homme Cologne is that it is very citrus-y. This is not unusual for a Cologne. The Citrus note is quite bright though, almost as though a lemon has been freshly squeezed out of the bottle for you.

The great player of Dior Homme, Iris, also makes a wonderful play here in Cologne. It’s a pleasing twist on the original Cologne theme. The Iris note here is made warmer, and more powdery, almost as though another great powdery floral, Helitrope, has been added. Heliotrope reminds me of Ghost Sweetheart, a sticky-sweet powdery-floral feminine. But Tangerine and Orange Blossom both follow the Iris into the heartnoes, and sweeten it somewhat, reminding me of one of the many faces of Guerlain’s beautiful Cologne du 68.

The drydown is again, a very soft Leather, with Iris.

Top: Bergamot, Tangerine, Orange Blossom
Middle: Iris
Base: Vetiver, Leather


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