A*Men Pure Coffee Review

Angel is widely regarded as the first ‘gourmand’ (edible) fragrance, and extremely beautiful. Every time I smell Angel I am instantly reminded of a friend who has worn this fragrance for all the time I’ve known her, and it always brings a big smile to my face. Angel’s edible notes of Honey, Chocolate, Berries and Caramel are the stars of the fragrance, though a powerful Patchouli note is what makes it.

Over the years, Angel has been flanked by Innocent, which is essentially Angel eating a gigantic, juicy Grapefruit, and Eau de Star, which is Angel behind a veil of Watermelon and Peppermint. Both equally beautiful.

amensmallA*Men (or Angel Men) is the masculine Angel. A*Men takes the Patchouli, Chocolate and Caramel of Angel, and burns it in it’s pan, before serving it in a bowl made of just-off-the-tarmac Tyres, with a mug of thick, black Coffee.coffeesmall

A*Men Pure Coffee is the Coffee served with A*Men. It is also the first gourmand I’ve fallen in love with the first time I sprayed it. Launched as a limited edition earlier this year, I sincerely hope this is the beginning of a series of interpretations of the A*Men fragrance, much like the Garden of Stars was for Angel.

Pure Coffee opens with a very potent Arabica Coffee note, present for mere seconds. I’m pleased that it doesn’t last too long, because it’s not “blended” into the fragrance – simply sitting there seperate from the rest.

After the Coffee has passed by, a mouthwatering Dark Chocolate and Vanilla accord lingers and weaves in and out of perception for hours and whenever it comes back, it makes me want to take a bite out of something. Anything! A sweet Tar note also hangs about, but it’s nowhere near as pronounced as in the original A*Men.

The dry, but sweetened, Woody Patchouli drydown lasts for hours, with the Tar note enhancing the Musks in the base.

Gorgeous stuff.


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